What started as a simple dance video by Twitter user electrolemon in 2016 evolved into an 8-minute short film with a charitable angle. “The September Guy” Demi Adejuyigbe — even after six years — left his fans wanting more.

But the annual tradition for the screenwriter, director and comedian is really over.

As Adejuyigbe added different instruments, a children’s choir, a mariachi band and even a plane with a banner, his time and financial commitments escalated as well.

So in 2020 he called it a day — er, a month — unless $50,000 could be raised for his latest list of charities. His charitable efforts also grew with his videos, starting with selling t-shirts in 2018 to raffling off original artwork in his finale.

Yet not everyone believes the tradition has ended, even though Adejuyigbe has said so for a year — and all month, too.

“Okay, I’m already starting to get a bunch of these countdown tweets so lemme say once again that I am not doing September videos anymore!” Adejuyigbe tweeted on September 1. “Last year’s was a finale. Tried to make that very obvious last year! Sorry!”

That final effort raised the stakes with dancing on the ceiling, a choreographed house party and a “Grease”-inspired flying car.

With that turn and wave goodbye, Adejuyigbe dropped the curtain (after one final charitable act).

But he’s left us with half a dozen years of content to enjoy for September 21sts to come.


2017 and 2018




And of course, you can always watch the 1978 original from Earth, Wind & Fire that inspired the series. Dan Patrick will even introduce it for you.