Phase 1B: More COVID vaccines available for those 65 and older in Illinois

National News

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – During a Wednesday briefing, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker said the next phase of vaccinations will include residents 65 and older.

“I believe our exit plan for this pandemic must on balance overcome the structural inequalities that have allowed covid 19 to rage through our most vulnerable communities.”

The advisory committee on immunization practices’ recommends those age 75 and over get the vaccine in phase b. Governor Pritzker believes more of the state’s seniors need protection and will include more residents to create more equity in the vaccination process. Pritzker adds the average age of death is much lower than 75 for the black and latino communities in the state.

“In Illinois if you are 65 and over you can get vaccinated in phase 1B.”

People we spoke with had mixed feelings about more vaccines being made available. Donald Kelly says the people who need the vaccine the most should have access to it.

Richard Rhodes’ daughter is a traveling nurse who has been working in New York since the pandemic began. He appreciates the work essential workers are doing. At nearly eighty years old though, he’s eligible to get a vaccination in phase 1b but says he and his wife won’t be getting vaccinated.

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