Iowa mom vows to ‘take a stand’, drops kids off at school on virtual learning days

National News

DES MOINES, Iowa– Parents trying to work fulltime and help their children with virtual learning are hitting their breaking point. One parent opted to take a stand earlier this week. 

Amber Funk’s three kids are enrolled in a hybrid learning model at Delaware Elementary. Tuesday, Funk decided to drop them off at school on a virtual learning day. She said this won’t be the last time. 

“I will plan on taking my kids to school every day. I have no other choice. My husband and I own a construction business, and the money is not going to come in if I can’t come help him,” Funk said. 

Funk said being a parent, acting as a teacher, and helping her husband run their construction business all at once is taking a toll on the family’s finances and her kid’s learning habits. 

“At home, it’s a fight to get them to sit down with us and do any type of reading,” Funk said. “With almost all children, some of them just don’t like their parents trying to be their teacher. Well in my case, that’s all three of them.” 

After dropping her kids off,  Funk received a warning from the principal that Delaware Elementary would call the Department of Humans Services and the police to report neglect. 

However, later that day Funk said she picked her kids up from school with no issue. They also received assistance on school work from Delaware staff members. 

According to test results from a Southeast Polk Assessment, Funk’s daughter’s reading score has dropped 36 points since last school year.

Wednesday afternoon Funk had a conversation with the Southeast Polk School District. She said it has agreed on working to provide 504 and IEP programs for her family. However, Funk is still worried about her children’s education and said she will continue to fight for 100% in-person learning.

“If I could afford the private tutors and spend $1,000 per child at Sylvan learning, I would do it. But a normal family like us right now, we can’t do that because we’re spending all of our money on daycare providers,” Funk said. “I’m not sure what the outcome is going to be. But I’m here to take a stand for all those parents that can’t do this anymore.” 

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