The Better Business Bureau has tips for the evicted who need to store belongings in storage facilities

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JOPLIN, Mo. — With unemployment, evictions, and foreclosures taking place across the country, many families may need to place all or some of their belongings in storage for a while.

And there have never been more options for that than there is today across the four state area.

Evelyn Goodan is the facility manager at country self storage in Joplin. The same company also has two facilities in Pittsburg and one in Frontenac.

She advises people to visit more than one company to get a good idea of what options are out there, and ask a lot of questions before making a final decision.

“We actually take our prospective tenants on a tour of the facility, we’ll show them that we’re fully fenced, we’ll show them our gate system, we’ll show them the units they’re interested in, that way we know that they’re comfortable enough to look at stuff, I think that any facility in Joplin that’s reputable would be willing to do that for you,” said Evelyn Goodan, Facility Manager, Countryside Self Storage.

The Better Business Bureau has a list of suggestions to consider before making a final decision, including whether or not they have climate controlled units depending upon what you need to store, finding out about insurance as well as the safety units provided.

For more information, we’ve put a link to the BBB here.

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