LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — It was a regular Saturday in November at Curvaceous Lingerie in Lansing, Michigan — until a deer ran through the front door of the store, leaving behind a lot of damage.

In surveillance video shared with Nexstar’s WLNS, which you can watch below, you can see the deer leap from the sidewalk (after narrowly missing a passing car) and through the store’s front window. A woman standing near a display can also be seen running from the surprise guest.

Clearly upset, the buck breaks through some mannequins before running around the store, destroying other lingerie display stands and two changing rooms. One person was trying on clothes when it entered the dressing room area, but luckily, the door to that changing room was closed.

The apparently panicked deer ran around the lingerie store until it became trapped in a corner, trying to break out through a different window while sliding on the wooden floor. It struggles for a while before realizing its mistake and calmly walking out of the front door an employee had opened.

The buck, which appeared to be a four-pointer, was bleeding from cuts caused by the broken glass or store displays.

Store representatives said they’re unsure whether it left with any merchandise, but one of the workers warned there might be a buck running around Lansing wearing bras on its antlers.

You can see the full 11-minute event in the video player below.

Amy Phillips, an employee at Curvaceous Lingerie, told Nexstar’s WLNS that the deer had a funny smell to it and that she thinks it could be sick.

“They’re not used to trying on lingerie, deers aren’t,” she noted.

The deer was last seen on East César E. Chávez Avenue in Old Town. If you do see the deer in question in the Lansing area, you can contact the Department of Natural Resources or find a DNR-licensed rehabilitator.

This is just the latest in a string of deer break-ins.

Last month, a buck crashed into a Noodles & Company in Beloit, Wisconsin, sending diners gathered for lunch scattering. Surveillance footage shows the deer exploring the dining area and kitchen before leaving out a back door opened by an employee.

The next day, a deer crashed through the window of a Pennsylvania middle school, dashed out of a classroom, and ran down a hallway.