Neighbors living along the Mississippi River say they’re tired of the mess caused by the flooding.

A lot of them had to leave during the height of the flood a few weeks ago. They recently got inside their homes and started cleaning but now a few of them tell Local 4 News that progress washed away.

Joel Nauman kayaked to higher ground Tuesday afternoon. Their house is currently surrounded by water, so Nauman says he leaves the kayak so his son can get to their house after school.

“The roads aren’t available to go through at this point,” he said.

Nauman says his family was well-prepared and stayed in their homes the entire time. 

“Right now it’s just heavy rain every day up north and that’s what’s really hurting us at this point and causing the river to continue to go up,” said Nauman.

But other neighbors have been forced to evacuate, being displaced on and off for nearly 50 days now.

“It’s basically been tough mentally and stressfully,” said resident Jeff Schmidt. “I have to say 50 days you know of not being able to get out and when you do it’s a major operation.”  

Schmidt cruised right through the rising water on an ATV, and says he’s been giving neighbors a lift whenever he can.

“I’m looking at myself as being the local aqua Uber,” said Schmidt with a laugh. “Because basically I’ve been giving guys rides every chance I get.” 

While many have moved back into their houses, the water in their homes is back up to several inches or even over a foot high. 

But despite tough times, both Schmidt and Nauman agree that they aren’t moving. 

“You walk in your front door it’s a regular house, you walk out your back door, it’s a national park,” said Schmidt. “How many people can say that?”