Neighbors push back against proposed condo in Davenport


Some neighbors are saying no to a proposed four-story condo building in Davenport.

During Wednesday night’s Committee of the Whole meeting, Bush Construction laid out the proposal of the condo, which would be designed for upscale senior living. It’s part of a co-op deal near the intersection of 58th Street and Utica Ridge Road. 

Back in September, neighbors in the area raised concerns after a salon and commercial space were approved in the adjacent lot along Utica Ridge Road. 

While the developers proposed alternatives such as two smaller buildings, or commercial space, it may require rezoning of the more than five acres of land. 

Neighbors tell Local 4 News their two main concerns are the height of the building, and the increased traffic. 

Chris Ryan’s home backs up to the currently vacant lot. On Thursday, he told Local 4 News while he’s not welcoming the four-story condo with open arms, it might be his best bet.

“I actually look at it as if you’re trading off 15 feet for less development,” he said.

For Rayburn, the condo would sit farthest away from his property along Utica Ridge Road, leaving significant greenspace the developers proposed to leave vacant. 

If the condo is denied, two smaller buildings could fill the lot, one of which would be in Rayburn’s backyard. 

“So I see it as the lesser of two evils,” said Rayburn.

Rayburn added that he’d rather settle for 60 new units, than additional buildings that could mean roughly 90 units. 

“The density would go from 60 units on that property to over 90 or even 100, they could put four buildings and it could be commercial,” he said. 

Terry Docherty has lived in the area for nearly 18 years. The proposed condo would sit near his garage. Docherty says a four-story building just doesn’t fit.

“Wow. That’s big to have in your backyard,” he said. “You get up in the morning these other people…the first thing they’re gonna see is that great big wall.” 

But while neighbors may have different ideas for the space, most of the neighbors we spoke to said they don’t want to see traffic go from bad to worse. 

“Traffic is really getting to be a problem along Utica Ridge,” said Docherty.

Davenport 6th Ward Alderman, Rich Clewell, says, unfortunately, this isn’t one solution fixes all. 

“Those people who live in those homes now, some of those people are going to be affected adversely in one way or another,” he said. 

Clewell said he did not support the initial proposal, but he agreed to vote in favor of the condo if it did not exceed the proposed height, and no other buildings would be built on the land. 

“We’ll come up with a compromise that not everyone will be happy with but I think that what we’ll do is the best thing for Davenport and it’s residents,” Clewell said. 

And now it’s not a matter of if, but when something new will call the vacant lot at 58th Street and Utica Ridge Road, home. 

Davenport passed the second reading on Wednesday night. Clewell says there are three weeks left for discussion before a decision is made.

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