Neighbors remember 63-year-old man in deadly house fire


A 63 year old man died after his house caught fire early Friday morning in East Moline. 
The Rock Island County coroner confirmed that he died from smoke inhalation.

Fire crews said the roof collapsed making it hard to enter the home.
Once the flames were contained they were able to get inside. 

That’s when they found the victim.
Neighbors say it puts the neighborhood on edge.

“Puts a hole in your gut.”
“It’s sad you know, you’ve known somebody for so long and then they’re gone.”

Amber Glidwell has been living in East Moline for years. 
She said Friday morning was no ordinary wake up call. 

“There was fire trucks and police cars all down the road I looked across the street and noticed flames heard them breaking windows,” Glidwell said.

“It’s scary you never know what could happen, it was a shock that he didn’t make it; it’s a shame,” said Glidwell.

“It makes me really nervous because I know everybody that lives down here so when you see that, it makes you really scared,” said Glidwell. “You never know it could happen to you,” she said.

Glidwell said she’s lived across the street from the man who died in the fire for years.

“He was a great guy he used to pay my nephews to mow his grass and helped out,” Glidwell said. “He asked people to help him with his yard just to give the kids money around here,” said Glidwell.

Meanwhile Kenny Butler lives next door and said he was more than just a neighbor but a childhood friend of 40 years.

“We grew up with him, we hung with him,” said Butler.
“He was a great guy, we had a lot of fun with him when we were kids.”
“It’s just like a nightmare, it’s one of those things that don’t seem real but it is,” said Butler.

The man’s dog also died in the fire.
The name of the victim is not yet being released until more family members are notified.
The cause of the fire is still undetermined and remains under investigation.

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