Crumbling walls and burned bricks are all that’s left of what was once a towering Andresen mansion in Davenport’s Gold Coast. The building is now beyond repair, but residents of the neighborhood say they’ve been trying to preserve it for years.

“It didn’t have services. I don’t think it had power. I don’t understand how this happened,” said Third Ward Alderman Marion McGinnis.

A concerned Davenport resident reached out to Local 4 News and said he tried to warn the city about the house back in 2016 when he noticed several code violations.

A chain of emails shows the back and forth between them. The city detailed a lack of funds to fix the violations and trouble following up with the owner.

McGinnis said the owner was trying to renovate, but was facing health problems and recently died.

“We had actually reached out to the owner and sent several people and said, ‘Do you need help with this?’ last year. He said, ‘I’m going to get it done,'” she said. “His health, really it was very sad. But we did as a neighborhood try to help as well and so it’s doubly sad to see it go.”

McGinnis says the city is working on plans to keep track of it’s vacant properties with a new reporting system. 

She says it might not have made a difference here, but it could for another house.

“It’s not just like losing a house. It’s losing a lot more. It’s losing part of the heritage of the neighborhood. We never want to see that happen,” she said.