It’s a old tradition that’s making a comeback.
The Blue Grass drive-in theater was opened two years ago.
It’s the brainchild of a Blue Grass man and luckily for him, it’s been seeing a lot of success.

Randy Lorenz is the owner of the Blue Grass drive-in.
Lorenz says his goal was to create something different for Quad City families to enjoy.

“You go to the indoor theater, you can’t talk, you can’t have your cell phone on, you can’t play, you can’t do things. It’s not a family environment other than going there with your family,” said Lorenz.

Lorenz says he wants to make the business bigger and better every year by adding more activities for families to do together.
Some newer attractions include an 18-hole mini golf course, online ticket sales, and new food choices.
This year, they’re also hoping to add a photo booth, they’re just looking for sponsors to help.

“As we’re being able to getting a handle on everything on how everything works we’re slowing adding things,” said Lorenz.

While the main attraction is the drive-in theater, Lorenz says he wants to make the business more of a destination.
He says it took a lot of hard work and years of planning but he wasn’t alone. 

“I had to learn what the tickets are, how everything works. It’s something that I didn’t know. So, once I found that out, we worked with a local bank and the community to make it come together,” said Lorenz.

Lorenz says drive-in theaters are making a comeback and there’s a reason why.

When indoor theaters were becoming the rage they took all the “A” movies away from the drive-ins and gave them all to the indoor theaters. Now, that has changed and I can get the same movies that are playing at any theater in the Quad Cities,” said Lorenz.

This drive-in is unique. There’s space for four movies to be shown at once.
One on each side of a giant wooden square.
Right now, there are only screens on two sides.
Lorenz hopes to get the two last screens up soon.
One will be a movie screen and the other will be used to play video games, making this drive-in theater even more of a destination.

For more information about the theater, click here.