New law will make it mandatory for law enforcement to go through mental health training


Bill HB 2767 will now required law enforcement to go through mental health training in the state of Illinois.

This new law hits home for the Moline Police Department. Sergeant Michael Sottos committed suicide 13 years ago.

The Moline Police Department hope this new law will encourage officers to come forward if they’re struggling with mental illness.

Officers will go through mental health awareness training every three years. The law came about after six officers in Chicago committed suicide within a period of eight months.

Detective Jon Leach said mental wellness is something that’s been over due and said officers go to different calls never knowing what to expect.

“I think that this new law can help some officers deal with the stress some of the awful things that they see on the daily basis,” said Leach.

New officers are going through their training and with the new law in place it’ll help them when they are out on the field.

“We have officers that are in training and I think it’s something great that they’re able to get at the foundation of their career that they go into the job and get a good idea maybe what to expect and get some ideas, outlets on things they can do for some of the stress related issues that police officers deal with,” said Leach.

The department is waiting to get the curriculum but hope it will help law enforcement in the long run.

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