Next-door neighbor reflects on Mark Jasper's life

Davenport woman is charged with murdering her husband

DAVENPORT, Iowa. - A Davenport woman has been charged with murdering her husband Saturday night. 
Sheila Jasper, 52, has been arrested for first-degree murder.
Police were called to the couple's home on the 2300 block of Ripley Street just after 10 P.M.
That's where they found her husband, 64-year-old Mark Jasper, dead with a gunshot wound.
People living near the couple say the neighborhood is usually quiet, but Saturday night squad cars filled the block to investigate Mark's death.
His next-door neighbor says she was shocked by what happened.
"It's allegedly a murder. You see that on T.V. You don't see that in your neighborhood," said Susan Lammers.
Susan and her mother Pat Lammers have known Shiela and Mark Jasper for more than 20 years.
"Mark in recent years became Shiela's caregiver because she had multiple occasions of cancer, and I'm not sure, but I thought this last bout affected her brain," said Susan. 
Susan says Mark started to struggle to care for Shiela.
"Even though she was physically able to care for herself, she started suffering some mental issues and so that was becoming difficult for him," said Susan.
Susan is her mother's caregiver.
She says, she and Mark leaned on each other for support.
"As caregivers we would meet out in the alley or in the backyard and just make sure we were doing okay," said Susan.
Susan says Mark had a big personality and gave a lot to the city.
"He was definitely a lively gentleman. He was a firefighter," said Susan.
...and wasn't afraid to share his opinion.
"He always spoke well, and he always had a very valid point... didn't hesitate to try to contribute to making the community a better place," said Susan.
Neighbors are shaken up, but say this incident seems to be isolated.
"It's always concerning. It's a very peaceful neighborhood, and our neighbors all seem to watch out for each other. So, it's disconcerting, to have something of this level of violence, but I would hope that it's a one time event," said Craig Murray. 
"We don't feel unsafe. We know it was just a family issue evidently," said Susan. 
Susan says she doesn't understand what happened, but will continue to reflect on her relationship with the Jaspers.
"They were just good souls. They were living their life, like we all are. They contributed to the neighborhood. Mark contributed to the city... the quality of life in the community," said Susan. 
Shiela Jasper is being held in the Scott County Jail on a bond of $1 million.
Her preliminary hearing is set for January 18th.
Police are continuing to investigate. 

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