“No Hate” Rally Brings Hundreds

Over one thousand people gathered in Vander Veer park today to spread the message “hate has no home here.”
Terry Klipsche was part of the rally and was excited to see the diversity at the park.
“We can overcome hate and fear.”
It all started last week when controversial fliers popped up in Davenport. The fliers were posted by a White Supremacist group called the “National Alliance.” 
The events in Charlottesville, Virginia making national headlines, prompted many to turn out to say they won’t let history repeat itself. 

Paul Inman attended the rally because he says he can remember fighting for this same cause in World War II. 

“It’s very scary to see this happening all over again fifty years later,” said Inman.
Many attending the rally expressed frustration towards President Trump’s response to the protests in Charlottesville.
“It’s not difficult to condemn in unequivocal terms those who are bigots, those who are racists, and those who espouse hate those who espouse violence,” said Rev. Rich Hendricks, a rally organizer. 
Although there were differing reasons for attending, most hoped to counter “hate” with “love.”
Connie Gowan attended the rally and expressed her disappointed towards the national reaction. 
“And the people that are sitting by and looking the other way and being quiet, shame on you, shame on you,” said Gowan. 
Those who organized the rally were excited about the impressive turnout. They say they weren’t sure what to expect having the rally at noon on a weekday. 
Lisa Killigen is the President of the Muslim Community in the Quad Cities and was overwhelmed by the turnout. 
“The Quad Cities is unlike any other community,” said Killigen. “We have so much love and so much inclusion this is a fantastic community to be a part of.”
Davenport police were present at the event but there were no incident reports. Witnesses did say they saw a few counter-protestors, but the half-hour event remained peaceful. 

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