No hope left for Hope Creek?


There might not be much hope left for Hope Creek, according to a report from a consulting agency. The results of the report led the county administrator to recommend the board divests.

Dropping revenue and enrollment plagued the county-owned home for years. It has a budget of $16 million, but owes $7 million.

County administrator Jim Snider says the situation is “dire” because the home doesn’t just have to make enough to break even, but it also has to come up with $2 million that it owes vendors. 

The consulting agency says Hope Creek could turn around. Representatives suggested making more than $2 million in labor cuts and that the home stop accepting Medicaid patients. 

However, even with the changes the home would like be in the red and they couldn’t estimate how long it would take to change that.

County board chairman Richard Brunk said the news wasn’t easy to hear. 

“I wouldn’t say that I’m happy about anything right now because I was hoping that we’d be able to sustain the home as a county facility,” Brunk said. “That, obviously after what we’ve heard tonight, is something we’re really going to have to take a close look at.”

The county board will be looking at divesting possibilities next week. 

Brunk said he wants to emphasize that doesn’t mean Hope Creek is closing and he said the residents will still be cared for.

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