A new plan to make a dent in 112-million trips taken by drunk drivers every year is coming from the federal government.
The idea is coming from the National Transportation Safety Board.
The agency wants states to lower the legal blood alcohol level from .08 to .05.
“Do they want us to lock the doors this week or next week,” said Mark Mueller, the owner of Moes Burger’s and Brews in Rock Island.
He is one of a dozen bar owners Local 4 News spoke with about a tougher blood alcohol limit.
“It’s pretty low the way it is,” Mueller said. “I don’t think going to point zero five will do any good.”
The same answer I got on the other side of the river.
Bill Collins owns Me & Billy off 3rd street in Davenport. He’s been in the bar business for more than 30 years.
“We’re not gaining much by lowering it,”Collins said, “with the average DUI at 1.5 percent.”
Say you weigh 150 pounds, four of these would bring you to the legal limit. The national transportation safety board maintains  your chances of getting into an accident double at the current standard.
However, some local bar owners think this effort is misguided
“I don’t disagree with responsible drinking,” Collins continued, “There’s a lot of other things that are not being considered that are large issues when it comes to impaired driving.”
“We like to have people come in and have a drink or two and be able to enjoy themselves and not have one beer and then worry about passing an alcohol test,” Mueller concluded.
Other bar owners i spoke with had different reactions, but all agree the current legal limit is fair.
Iowa state troopers say it’s too soon to know what kind of impact this would have on drunk driving accidents.
Find the entire proposal here.