Finding bedbugs at home is a horrible experience that can’t be taken care of easily.

For one family in Colona, it was their reality for two years.

It can cost thousands of dollars to treat for bed bugs, and that’s a price this family couldn’t afford. So the non-profit One Eighty decided to help. 

One Eighty typically works with the Davenport Public Schools to identify students that may have trouble with bed bugs at home. 

This case was a little different. 

A woman reached out to the non-profit asking them to help her 92-year-old grandfather. He’d been suffering through bed bug bites for two years. So the group made an exception.

The Kern family’s home was plagued by bedbugs for two years.

“I was getting bit up,” said Pamela Kern, whose daughter reached out to One Eighty. “It was bad. I stressed a lot because I couldn’t have anybody over.” 

It seemed like there was no end in sight, until One Eighty stepped in and volunteered it’s pest control services.

“It has nothing to do with dirtiness. It has nothing to do with cleanliness. It’s just simply a transfer of those type of pests,” said One Eighty’s financial manager Barry Donald. “Once they get into a house, it can be very expensive to be treated. Most of these families are not in a position to pay … $4,000 to have that done.”

Taylor Morrow is a resident at One Eighty and leads the bed bug and restoration program. He spent a week at heat treating the house. Now it’s pest free.

“To be able to put an end to a two-year torment on their life is a great feeling,” Morrow said. “It’s just awesome to be a part of. It really is.”

It was a service he was happy to perform for the four generations living under one roof, especially the head of the family. Pamela’s 92-year-old father who fought in WWII.

“It’s interesting because we’re called into serving and this guy was serving me before I was even born,” Morrow said.

Now the Kerns can get a good night’s sleep, free from painful bedbug bites. That’s something Pamela said she never thought would happen.

“It’s back to normal,” Pamela said. “I figured we’d have them for the rest of our lives here.”

One Eighty is taking donations to help cover the cost of the treatment. You can make a donation here.