One person shot in Rock Island


UPDATE: One person was injured in the shooting in the 900 block of 15th Street on Tuesday. 

The person was treated and released. The investigation is still ongoing. 


Rock Island Police confirm shots were fired on the 900 block of 15th Street. 

Officers recovered shell casings from an alley. 

“I’m afraid for the children around here, I’m afraid for myself. I’m scared, should I sit outdoors by myself like I do all the time? Sometimes I sit out here until 10, 11 O’clock at night,” says Mary Embrey, who came home to find police investigating near her backyard. 

Embrey says she’s lived in her home for 12 years and has noticed an uptick in gun crimes over the last couple years.

“I wish that everything would just go back to normal around here, no more fighting. People fight all the time, arguing. People drive by you don’t know who’s got a gun, who ain’t got a gun,” says Embery.


Heavy police presence on the 900 block of 15th Street in Rock Island. One neighbor tells Local 4 News she heard “20” shots being fired.

Heavy police presence on the 900th block of 15th St. in rock island. One neighbor tells me she heard “20” shots being fired.— Tahera Rahman (@TaheraTV) March 26, 2019

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