A few children with special needs are now able to do something they never thought possible: They’re riding tricycles. 

It’s all thanks to the generosity of donors, and thanks to the work of the Mississippi Bend Trykes organization.

They raise money to build specialty bikes for kids with special needs. 

“She’s very excited. She’s been excited for a while,” said Stacy Hedeen, whose daughter Harper got a new bike Saturday. 

Harper is one of five children who just got their first tricycles.

She can’t ride a normal bike, but now her specialty built Tryke can help Harper keep up with her friends.

“I did not expect it to be so cool! It’s very cool! So I think everyone in the neighborhood is going to be pretty jealous of this bike,” Stacy said. 

Each one of the bikes is custom made for its rider, and it can cost up to thousands of dollars to make.

“Any bike can range anywhere from about $400 to about $1400 depending on the size and the age of the rider basically,” said Katie Powers, with Mississippi Bend Trykes. 

Mississippi Bend Trykes is part of AMBUCS, a national organization committed to giving mobility to people with disabilities.

“Thinking about all the things they’ve had to work so hard to achieve in their lives, to provide them with something that’s fun, and recreational, they can do with their family and friends, and they’re successful at, really means a lot,” Powers said. 

Arinet Granja can barely walk, now she’ll be able to play with her siblings. 

“She was having problems with a normal bike, and it’d be fun for her to get out more with something that she could really ride,” said Arinet’s sister Magdalene. 

After some instruction and a little tuning up, the kids can now keep up with their friends. 

Mississippi Bend Trykes is always looking for more donations.

You can find out how to donate by visiting the Mississippi Bend Trykes website, or their Facebook page.