Over-the-air signal restored


UPDATE: We are back on the air! Sorry for the disruption in service. Transmission lines have been replaced from the lightning strike and we’re delivering a quality signal. Thank you for patience.

UPDATE: We have isolated the problem which requires even more transmission line. Tower crews will begin bringing that up the tower Saturday morning at 7 a.m. We hope to be back on air by noon Saturday.

UPDATE: Crews continue to work on repairing damage from the lightning strike Tuesday morning on our tower that caused our signal loss.

An additional tower crew has been brought in to assist.

We do not yet have an estimated recovery time at this point, but we want to assure you we are doing everything as quickly as we possibly can, to restore our signals.

UPDATE: A tower crew hung 250 feet of transmission line Thursday and ran into complications at the top, so they are back on the tower this morning and we are hopeful we can get back on the air soon.

Sorry for the disruption in service and please bear with us.

UPDATE: A crew is installing new transmission lines and we hope we’ll be back on air later this evening.

UPDATE: A new transmission line will be making its way up the tower within the hour.

UPDATE: Tuesday morning August 20, lightning struck our Rock Island tower and knocked our signals off the air. We have tower crews here on site working feverishly to solve the problem and hope to be back on the air just as soon as possible.

EARLIER UPDATE: Work continues on our tower after Tuesday’s storm knocked out our over-the-air signal.

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