Emma Lennon looks like your typical teen, she loves her dog Alvin and loves to play video games when she’s not at work. 

However for Emma, enjoying those moments hasn’t always come easy.

Emma’s father took his own life when she was just 6 years old, but her mother, Beth Lennon, said it wasn’t until years later the magnitude of what happened started to take its toll.

Beth vividly remembers the day Emma’s world started to crumble. 

“She was just coming to me crying, She said, ‘I want to die and I want to die tonight.’ I said, ‘No, not my little girl.'”

That’s when they reached out to Emma’s therapist, Erin Lange of Bethany for Children and Families in Maquoketa.

She suggested taking Emma to the emergency room.

She was admitted to The Child and Adolescent Unit at Genesis Medical Center, something Genesis Behavioral Health Services Director Jerome Phillips said is exactly what you should you do.

“If you think something is a concern, err on the side of caution,” Phillips said. “Reach out and ask somebody, a professional.”

Today, Emma is doing better than ever according to Beth.

“She has her own apartment; she has a great job,” Beth said. “She’s got a whole new world of interest now. She’s really amazing.”