Packing up and moving out after flood trashes apartment

Not just cleaning out but moving on after the flood

Packing up and moving out: That’s what a Buffalo family is facing after the record-flooding.

Exactly two weeks ago, the sandbag wall failed around their apartment and sent water rushing in.

Matt Prine and his family were planning on riding out the flooding, but that changed when the Mississippi River let itself inside.

Now, the family of four has been sharing a hotel room. 

“Within five minutes of that wall breaking, there was about two inches of water in the house,” Prine said. “It came in that quick, and then went back in the next day and there was a foot and a half, yeah. We had to have the fire department get us out of there.”

As fast as it seemed to barrel in, the flood water is trickling out with little forgiveness. 

Prine said, “This is what happens.”

“We’ve been there four years. This is my first apartment I had, and this is the way it goes down,” Prine went on to say. 

It’s shambles inside Prine and his family’s apartment.

Prine said, “About 9 o’clock [at night] the [May] 30th.”

He, wife and two kids were planning to ride the flooding out until the sandbag wall meant to hold it back gave way.

Matt said that night they had the fire department boat them out.

Now he’s going back inside with FEMA, to look at the damage.

Prine said,  “Got out of there with what we had, which was what we were wearing and that’s about it, and a couple bags. The rest of it, we hurried up and threw it up on top of other stuff.”

A just a few blocks down, Tuesday Clark’s Landing is in better shape, opening back up for business.

Owner Tony Mendez said,  “It’s like you miss your family. You know you get a chance to see people that, some people that are five days a week.”

After getting the inside clean-up following their sandbag wall failed early this month…

Mendez said, “That was right in this particular area right here. Yeah, it collapsed straight in. I was sitting on the porch. It was 3:45 in the morning.”

He’s trying to get the outside to look a bit more appealing.

Sandbags and plastic still encompass the exterior, but this isn’t the first time Mendez has faced flooding.

He bought Clark’s Landing in 1993, just days before that historic flooding hit and had a foot of restaurant in the restaurant at its hight.  

But for Matt, the return to his Buffalo home is short-lived, as he and his wife look for a new place a bit more permanent than the hotel room shared with their kids.

Prine “Getting tired of being cooped up with their parents in one room.”

The family told Local 4 News they took precautions before the first wave of flooding that helped save many of their belongings.

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