Parking ticket changes could be coming for Davenport drivers


Some changes are in the works with how parking tickets are handled in the city of Davenport. 

They cleared their first hurdle with city council on first reading this week. 

The ordinance would let police put boots on cars once they rack up five unpaid tickets. 

The owners would have to pay all outstanding fines and an $80 removal fee to get rid of it.

Public works director Nicole Gleason tells Local 4 News that crews issued 800 tickets during our latest snow events between Friday and Tuesday. 

She says often, the same driver will get ticketed multiple times and will be able to move their car once they get the final warning to be towed. 

Gleason says that’s one reason behind the ordinance change; when crews are able to immobilize a car by using the boot, the driver is cornered until they pay their dues. 

Another change under consideration is making all tickets $25. 

That would mean tickets inside parking garages would be slashed by five dollars, while cars ticketed on the street would see a five dollar increase. 

Gleason says the reason behind that is simple.

“Some of our automation from ipads and things it can get confusing, ‘Which ticket am I selecting?’ So really, just from a simplification for the code officers, the police officers, everyone, if the ticket’s the same price, it really would just streamline our processes,” she says. 

Another change would be an additional $30 fee if someone doesn’t pay their ticket within a month.

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