Pet portraits benefiting QC Paws


A portrait artist in the Quad Cities is holding pet portrait sessions to benefit QC Paws.
Lisa Francescon has been in business for almost 15 years and uses photography to capture the personality of animals and the relationship they have with their owners.

The school theme is ‘QC Paws top of the class’, where the top 24 pets will be included in the QC Paws 2019 calendar. 

“I just have such a love for animals,” Francescon said. “Animals are my passion and it was just a way of bringing my other passion photography into a world of pets and I get to get up everyday and do something that I love,” she said.

Francescon is in her second year of holding pet portrait sessions to help raise money for QC Paws.

“QC Paws is a 501 c3 nonprofit we help with reduce spay and neuters in the community,” QC Paws President Paul Greenman said. “We also do reduced adoptions, we also have an angel fund where sometimes we have an animal that comes in most places wouldn’t be able to care for and we’re able to make the gap,” Greenman said.
Greenman brought his dog Maya in for a session and says this is a creative way to raise money for necessities for the animals.

“She’s been coming in and doing pictures for us at the shelter from time to time which has been really great so helps get dogs homes and cats homes,” Greenman said.

“People aren’t very nice to animals sometimes so somebody has to be,” he said.

Francescon said the idea came from her love of art.

“I’m inspired by portrait artists,” Francescon said. “I studied a lot of artists that weren’t even involved in photography; we’re talking about Rembrandt, Picasso.”

“Last year for our first time doing this, we raised around $5,000 for the shelter which included the sessions and then the calendar sales,” Francescon said.

“We’re going to make everybody’s pet a work of art.”

You can book your session until the end of August for $25.

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