Pleasant Valley dealing with muddy aftermath of flood


“We are so thrilled that the water came down as quickly as it did. “

Exactly one week ago Dave Sheffield’s neighborhood was completely under water. Now, he’s dealing with the muddy aftermath. “Scooping a lot of that out spraying a lot of it out. You know my walls in my basement look like a Jackson Pollack painting with all the splattering.”

Sheffield tells Local 4 News he’s spent everyday since Sunday cleaning up around his house  
The damage his house has gone through is something he says he will tackle once the mud dries.”In my case it’s not going to take terribly long many others have more extensive damage,” shares Sheffield.

His unlucky neighbors face broken fences, a fallen tree, and lost items.
But this hasn’t been the worst flood the neighborhood has gone through.

“2001 was the worst it was 3/10’s highter than this one.”  Neighbor John Bowlyn says its the messiest. “It went out slow and a lot of mud was left behind, i was even surprised to see this mud.”

Bowlyn and Sheffield say the clean up will last a couple more days.
Dave Sheffield says he’d rather be pushing out mud than to kayak his way home.

“I was thrilled to not have to throw my entire eathly belongings into a kayaka and then get them to my house and vise versa.” 

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