Presidential candidate trying to stand out in crowd — by standing on table


Trying to stand out in a crowded Democratic race for president is the challenge for every candidate. 

Mayor of South Bend, Indiana Pete Buttigieg tried to do that Monday in Davenport.

He stood on a table to address dozens of people who packed into Brew in the Village this afternoon.

He told the voters his campaign can be boiled down to three words: Freedom, democracy and security. 

People at this campaign stop tell Local 4 News they want to learn more about him.    

“I think it’s more interested,” Patrick Mirocha said. “I think it’s more fresh ideas, he’s someone who’s not necessarily intrenched in you know party politics… I think we have a lot of issues and just to see where he’s going to be focusing on. “

Buttigieg is the youngest candidate in the field at 37 years oild.

What consitutional amendments he supports in my conversation with him this sunday morning on 4 The Record.

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