Senator Amy Klobuchar visits Davenport as last stop on Iowa trip


More and more Democratic presidential nominees are making their way to the Quad Cities. 

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar met with supporters in Davenport’s Hickory Garden restaurant today.

Klobuchar’s main focus of discussion,  rural concerns. Dealing with housing, healthcare, the farm bill, and anti-trust competition policies.

She’s one of the few of the democratic nominees that does not believe in free health care for all.
Klobuchar tells Fox 18 what will make her voice heard among her other colleagues. 

“We’ve got to bridge our divides and that includes everything from divides on race to divides on rural and urban  and i am someone that has bridged that divide in my state i get a lot of support in rural areas and second thing is i like to get things done,” says Sen. Klobuchar.

The trip to Davenport wraps us Klobuchar’s weekend tour in Iowa.

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