Voters not ready to commit after Gillibrand’s stop in Davenport


Dozens of people packed into the Barrel House in Davenport to learn more about Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and after the meet-and-greet several voters say they’re interested, but they still have a lot of questions.

“I was a little disappointed when she answered my question,” said Ruben Lucio, who was in town visiting from from New York.

He asked Gillibrand if she would back Medicare For All — a program that would help him afford treating his chronis pain.

“I was really hoping she’d give me more than just kind of a general explanation of why she supports it,” Lucio said. “I wanted a hard, ‘Yes, I’m going to co-sponsor this piece of legislation.'” 

Tom Jones from Clinton, Iowa said he still has questions for Gillibrand, but he likes that she disputes an old political stereotype.

“Males dominate and women are supposed to be relegated to the back seat — I believe that she’s very strongly the antithesis of that,” Jones said.

Others said Gillibrand’s answers were genuine.

“I didn’t feel like she was just going through the talking points,” said Alexandra Symans from Bettendorf. “I really felt that she cared about what she was saying.” 

But she’s not ready to make a final decision.

“I think it’s too early to tell, but she definitely got some points in the book for me,” Symans said.

Gillibrand says this is her third visit to Iowa and that she has more stops planned this summer.

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