Reviving Rockingham Road: Neighbors and business owners share ideas

Davenport city leaders hope an overlay district will help commercial growth

DAVENPORT, Iowa - Davenport's city leaders want to bring new life to the Rockingham Road Corridor and neighbors and business owners have a lot of ideas about how to do it.

The city wants to create an overlay district for Rockingham Road. It would restrict how property could be used and what that property would look like. They discussed beautification, redevelopment and restricting certain businesses.

Until zoning is complete the city is not giving out business licenses in the area. That moratorium has been in place since November 2017. 

John Martin owns Bolt Motors on Rockingham Road. He bought space across the street to open another storefront, but hasn't been able to get a license. 

Restricting auto shops from the overlay district was discussed at the meeting. Martin said he doesn't see why the city would want to limit any growth in the area.

"When you drive down Rockingham road you notice that there are businesses that are closed, boarded up, windows broken out," he said. "Why would you want to limit any business if it was bringing jobs to the area?"

The ordinance with the overlay district is scheduled for discussion at Davenport City Hall next Tuesday.

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