Neighbors in Davenport say they’re standing their ground in the debate over a local gas station. 

It’s continuing coverage of a story Local 4 News first brought you last week. 

The owner of GD Xpress gas on Pine Street submitted a rezoning request to be able to expand into a larger space that would accommodate more gas pumps, parking spaces, a bigger building and be open 24 hours.    

Several neighbors are opposed to it. Both parties are about to see if they can find a solution. 

Another meeting about this gas station just started around 6 p.m.

Neighbors told Local 4 News they plan to make their concerns clear once again before a vote. 

Several feel so strongly about this that they say if the re-zoning request is approved it will ruin the neighborhood.

5th ward Alderman Rita Rawson is one of the city leaders who turned out for tonight’s meeting.

For weeks now, neighbors have raised concerns about traffic and noise, but most of all they’re concerned about crime.

They even presented a list of at least 92 incidents where police were called to the gas station for numerous reasons.

Today they say if the gas station gets the stamp of approval to expand it will only make matters worse. And even though they say city leaders want the two parties to find a compromise, these neighbors are putting their foot down. 

“I don’t think we should have to compromise at all,” concerned neighbor Jane Haffarnan said. “The fact that they’re in the middle of neighborhood, and they have the hours that they have, I mean that’s compromise enough. The fact that they’re selling hard liquor? I think we’ve compromised all we need to compromise. I think now the compromise has to come from the owners. Keeping the place clean, and controlling their clientele. Meaning if they’re out there playing music and cleaning their car at midnight they need to leave.”

Now we spoke with the owner of the gas station last week. At the time he said he wants to be a good neighbor and find a compromise.

After tonight’s meeting, city council could vote on the re-zoning request in just a few weeks.