Protesters gather outside 11th Street Precinct to rally against owner


Members of the LGBTQ community in the Quad Cities continue to put pressure on a Village of East Davenport business owner and are wanting him to go. 

They’re now protesting outside the restaurant. 

Local Four and Fox 18 News reported on the owner of the 11th Street Precinct, John Wisor after he was said to have made homophobic remarks at a Pride event in June.

Kaleb Stebens said after his own experience at 11th Street, which he said included being tossed out and facing gay-slurs and what happened at the Pridefest, he helped to organize this protest against hate and to show there are consequences. 

“He shouldn’t get a slap on the wrist anymore. He’s done plenty of other things in the past where he never gets punished for it, and it’s time to show people that we aren’t going to stand for this kind of hate. If we let it happen, then everybody thinks they can do it,” protest organizer Kaleb Stebens said. 

Stebens said they’re not trying to hurt the workers of 11th Street and are even raising money for the employees impacted by the boycott.

He added they’ve also been talking with other businesses if 11th Street workers decide to resign, they would have somewhere else to work.

In June, Wisor issued an apology and pledged donations to area charities, but Stebens and protesters said that doesn’t go far enough. 

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