QC Animal Welfare Center needs supplies


We learned there is a shortage of some supplies at the QCAWC, how can 
people help? 

By donating to us. The more donations we receive, the less 
money we have to spend on items, which means more money is available for 
things like medical expenses and utilities! Our wish list can be found 
on our website www.qcawc.org you can donate online or stop by the 
shelter and visit. FACEBOOK is another great way to donate!

For people that want to help on a regular basis, what are your most 
needed items?

 Clay cat Litter, Purina Cat Chow, Canned Cat Food, Purina 
Pro-Plan Dog Food, Bleach and of course monetary donations.

With the hot weather coming back to our area, what special needs do the 
animals have? 

Heat stroke can set in very quickly. Is it important to 
keep your pets indoors during hot spells and make sure they have plenty 
of cold clean water.

The Fourth of July is almost here and fireworks are already going off, 
what kinds of problems do you see because of that. Many animals are 
frightened by fireworks?

 Animals should be kept inside where they are 
comfortable with soft music playing. If your pet has anxiety with 
fireworks you should chat with your veterinarian.

And if people want to adopt a pet, what should they do? 

Come out and see us! We will help you find that right match for your and your family! 
The Quad City Animal Welfare Center’s Adoption & Education Center is 
located at 724 2nd Avenue W. in Milan, IL. We are open Monday-Saturday 
noon to 5 p.m., extended hours until 6 p.m. on Wednesdays, and closed on 

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