QC Chamber faces financial problems, staff cuts


The Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce is undergoing some big changes due to financial problems. 

Sources tell Local 4 News the organization is facing financial setbacks. Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce CEO, Paul Rumler, would not go into specifics about those finances, but says there is no line of credit or loan being taken out at this time.

The Chamber has made staffing cuts as a result, and Local 4 News has also learned that includes at least two Senior Executives. The Chief Operating Officer and Vice President have been removed from the Chamber’s website. 

Several members of the Chamber’s support staff were also let go Thursday.

Rumler says it’s part of a restructuring plan within the organization. 

While there are still a lot of unanswered questions into exactly what those changes will mean for the Chamber, Rumler says he’s confident the best is yet to come for the organization. 

Rumler says they are re-evaluating the roles within their current staff, and are reassessing what works best to sustain the organization. The CEO says they will announce more plans in the next few weeks, including the results of the Big Table discussion back in April, and the Q2030 initiative. Rumler says both are a top priority for the Chamber. 

“Economic development remains a priority, big picture thinking like Q2030, Big Table is a priority, we’ll have the results of Q2030 and Big Table in July, and so we’ll continue to do what we do. But we’re going to do it with a very member-focused intent, and one that is compassionate to our people and understanding of our member needs,” said Rumler.

Rumler says they will continue to focus on community and economic growth, citing the importance of small, local businesses. Rumler says the Chamber has a long future ahead of them, but sometimes that means cutting back. 

“The Quad Cities Chamber is a business, we’re a non-profit business, but we’re a business, and that means we need to make really hard decisions that affect our longevity, and affect sometimes our team members,” said Rumler. “We made those decisions making sure that we could actually continue to serve our members, but we had to let some people go.”

This is a developing story. Check back with Local 4 News for the latest details. 

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