QC Food Rescue Partnership receives national attention for food rescue efforts


    A local group is getting national recognition for their efforts to rescue food. 
    The Quad Cities Food Rescue Partnership works to make sure food isn’t being thrown away. 
    They help businesses and groups who have extra food to partner with shelters, pantries and farmers.
    The EPA recognizes national and regional winners each year for its food recovery challenge. 
    This year, the Quad Cities Food Partnership was selected for a regional award. 

    That group raises awareness, and educates people and businesses about what they can do with their extra food. 
    The first choice is to give the food to people who need it.
    If the food isn’t edible for people anymore, it’s given to local farmers for their livestock. 
    The next option is to compost that food. 
    If none of those work out, the last option is to toss the food into the landfill.
    That’s a step the group says they want to avoid at all costs, and not only because it’s bad for the environment. 

“The biggest important thing is that there’s also food insecurity in each community, the Quad Cities, as well, so it’s really important to get that food that is being wasted diverted from the landfill to feed hungry people,” said QC Food Rescue Partnership Board Secretary Christina McDonough

    The QC Food Rescue Partnership began in 2013. 
    They started tracking statistics in 2016. 
    Since then, they say they’ve saved more than 4500 pounds of food from being thrown away in the Quad Cities.
    The group says they’re always looking for more partners. 
    For more information on how to get involved with the group, click here. 

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