QC victim of tax return theft warning others


Tax filing season is now open across the U.S. and a local woman has a warning for those getting ready to file.

Dawn Berta of Bettendorf had her 2015 tax return stolen.

It’s a problem that’s been in the national spotlight recently after several high-profile hacks of companies like Equifax.

Experts say a social security number is all thieves need to file on your behalf.

Victims of a hack risk of having their refunds stolen leaving them out thousands of dollars in some cases.

“I feel like nothing is safe at all,” Berta said. “Why even keep your social security number confidential, it’s out there. So I just feel like there’s nothing really to do. There’s no way we could have prevented it. “

The IRS recommends filing your return as early as possible to prevent theft.

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