QC voters say John Delaney has work to do on presidential campaign

Some say they've heard of the candidate, but not his platform

DAVENPORT, Iowa - John Delaney.

He's not exactly a household name in democratic circles on the national scene.

Delaney's a former congressman who launched his campaign in July of 2017, just six months into the Trump administration.

He served three terms representing Maryland.

Delaney was also the founder and CEO of two financial companies.

Right now Delaney is still trying to get people to remember his name.

Part of his campaign strategy has been to hit voters early and often. 

He's visited the Hawkeye State more than 20 times over the past year and a half. 

But local Iowa democrats say they still know little to nothing about him. 

"I have heard the name. I don't know his position on almost anything," says Deb Sperry.

"Not a lot; I think he's a congressman from Maryland," says Toby Paone. 

It's a common refrain...

"I have gotten some emails from him and read some of his ideas but I really still don't know a whole lot about him," says Nancy Nieland. 

When it comes to John Delaney's campaign for president. 

"I've heard that he's running for president and that he's a self-funded millionaire," says Laura Shrout. 

Although some Quad Cities democratic voters know a little more about the former congressman than others... 

"I'm not 100% familiar with his platform, but I'm pretty aware of him," says Barbara Ann Kelley.

They all agree that despite getting a head start on his run, he's still got a long way to go. 

"I don't think he is a common name and well known as the others such as a Joe Biden or an Elizabeth Warren," Nieland says.

"Corey Booker was here last fall. He's good, he made a really good impression," says Tom Engelmann, treasurer of the Scott County Democrats.

Many Iowa voters say they want to hear more about key issues. 

"Healthcare and right behind that would be reducing our carbon emissions," Engelmann says.

"Medicare for all and against use of fossil fuels and supporting the Green New Deal," Kelley says. 

"Healthcare and immigration and Medicare and social security," Sperry says. 

But with a long road ahead to 2020, voters are keeping their options open. 

"We Iowans like to kick the tire a few times before we commit to anybody," says Engelmann. 

And they say Delaney is still in the race...

"Yes he has a chance. Any one of them has a chance," Nieland says. 

Because being an underdog might work in the candidate's favor. 

"Just because you're familiar doesn't necessarily mean you're going to do best," says Engelmann. 

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