Quad Citians making the most of the winter weather with a couple of sleds


If you’ve grown up anywhere in the midwest as a kid you know snow only means one thing…It’s sledding time.

” Its so beautiful and like when it snows you really wanna get out with the kids, get some fresh air and have a little bit of sledding,” says parent Laura Rittershoffer.

 This close to zero degree weather isn’t holding Quad City kids back. ” That was awesome,best day of my life,” says sledder Joey.

In a way, sledding is an essential in one’s childhood and today, Joey marked a milestone. “Going down and sledding down all the way to that hill,” he shares.

This is five year old Joey’s first time sledding he says the speed and the tumbling is what will keep him coming back to illi-no-wik park every winter.  “Just going down and i hit it in my face.” 

The sleds and saucers fun also made its way across the river at Duck Creek Park.

” You know i thought it would feel a lot colder but if you dress warmly, i’m not cold,” shares Michael Spector.

Parents say that’s the key to braving the cold.  “We just have lots of gloves and good socks.”

And its not only fun but a creative activity too.

” We just made up the train, we made up the three muskateers and now these guys are doing the spinning around,” shares Spector.

So if you’re finding youself going through cabin fever during these winter months, the best remedy is a hill full of snow and a sled.

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