Quad Cities’ levees ready for this weekend’s high crest

LIVE at 5: A look at the Quad Cities' levees

The rivers keep getting higher, but the Army Corps of Engineers says not to worry because the Quad Cities’ levees can take it.

Local 4’s team of meteorologists are predicting, the Mississippi River will crest at 20.4 feet this weekend. Right now it’s at 19.72 feet — the eighth highest it’s ever been.

There are almost 60 miles of levees holding back the river along Scott and Rock Island Counties. Army Corp of Engineers spokesperon Rodney Delp said they’ve been checking the structures this week.

He say they inspect the levees every year to look for things like soil erosion or even animals that burrow in to the levees. However, when the rivers go into floodstage they look again. 

Luckily, they haven’t found any major issues. That’s because people are getting better at maintaining them.

“Unfortunately flooding has becoming more and more routine, as we all know, and the levee owners and levee sponsors are getting better at it,” Delp said. “They’re following their written plans better. So we have not had any major deficiencies in the Quad City area whatsoever.”

Crews will be back out when the waters finally recede to make any repairs.

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