Quad Cities now a stop along American Discovery Trail

It’s a 7,000 mile trail that spans from California to Delaware, and now the Quad Cities has a big part in it. 
The American Discovery Trail now has two more headquarters in Moline and Davenport. 
It’s a way for hikers and bikers to stop and get information about the trail and it’s history. 
The Quad City Convention and Visitors Bureau says it’s a way to teach tourists about the area. 
 “The American Discovery Trail Society really liked the idea of a physical location, where hikers and bikers can be welcomed, stop and get information. And it helps builds this awareness to anyone really that we’re on the American Discovery Trail,” said Joe Taylor, president and CEO of the Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau. “There will be more awareness and more advocacy for the trail. We have more resources to put behind the American Discovery trail and its marketing than one part-time staffer. “
There will be two visitor centers—one at the Quad City Convention and Visitor’s Bureau in Moline, and another at Davenport’s Union Station. 

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