A major tournament will bring some of the best disc golf players from across the country to the Quad Cities
The “2017 Amateur and Junior Disc Golf World Championships” will be here next July.

It’s a game that’s gaining popularity in the quad cities.
If you’ve never heard of disc golf, the game is very similar to traditional golf but with frisbees.
While Thursday’s weather wasn’t up to par.
This park will look a lot different when disc golfers take over next July.
The “2017 Amateur and Junior Disc Golf World Championships” will be directed by Chase Roberts.
He is the co-owner of Iron Lion Disc Golf Supply in Davenport.

“I think it’s really cool because we have a really really competitive disc golf scene here in the Quad Cities the community as a whole is going to come together for this and we’re going to have a lot of players,” said Roberts.

Lots of players means a big boost to the Quad Cities economy.
The Quad Cities Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is estimating that the event will bring in almost $800,000 extra tourism dollars.
While this is the first time the Quad Cities has hosted this event.
Roberts says there’s a reason why our area stood out.

“For the disc golf, you’re going to be able to get about to any course in about 15 minutes or 20 minutes in travel time and that’s with traffic. There’s not many other places in the country that can host that many people and put that many people in one spot without having to send them on quite a good distance to go to course to course,” said Roberts.

While the event is more than a year away, Roberts says he’s already preparing.

“The biggest thing we will have to prepare for is bring all the courses to the P.D.G.A. standards which will mean better signage, tee pads making sure all the baskets are correct and matching in uniform, P.D.G.A approved baskets,” said Roberts.