Riders are taking off from Clear Lake this morning on Day 4 of RAGBRAI.

Local 4’s Carie Kuehn says it is humid in Clear Lake, but it’s a relief for riders from the wind.

Today is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. 

Riders are encouraged to wear blue, and it means a lot to officers riding the RAGBRAI.

“All along the ride this week, we’ve had lots of people come up and thank us. ‘Go blue! Hey we support you guys.’ It’s been very, very receptive here at RAGBRAI. It’s been great with people supporting police officers.”

Officers on RAGBRAI have flags on the backs of their bikes paying tribute to their fallen comrades in Des Moines who were shot last November in the line of duty.

Carie says there doesn’t seem to be a lack of motivation today in the middle of the week.  Everyone is excited despite the muggy weather.

She will be watching how bikers will handle the rain on the way to Charles City.

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