Ransomware attack compromises Augustana students’ personal data


Tonight Augustana College students, alumni and staff are wondering if their personal data is safe after hackers attacked one of the school’s servers.

Augustana told students about the breach last week in a letter. It said their system had been backed in February and they investigated it until mid-April. 

“We have partnered with external agencies and have followed their expert guidance to investigate and resolve this issue, as well as notify those that may have been impacted,” Augustana spokesperson Ashleigh Johnston told Local 4 News. 

Johnston said there’s no evidence of any attempted or actual misuse of the information. 

“No one’s supposed to get  your social security number,” said Augustana senior Taylor Campbell. “So just the thought of that potentially happening was kind of freaky. “

Campbell said the letter was sent to her parents’ house and not to her. 

“I just thought it was a little sketchy that they didn’t inform us in any way, just that it was sent home,” she said. “So technically they did inform me, but that I had to find out not directly from the school. I was like that’s kind of weird.”

Campbell said she’s trying not to worry about the breach as she prepares for graduation, but said she’ll be signing up for the free credit monitoring service the school is offering victims of the breach.

Johnston said students with questions can call 855-662-8108.

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