Rauner stops in QCA to talk term limits

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner was back in the Quad Cities Tuesday.
Rauner made four stops across the state, the last one at the Corn Crib Nursery in Coal Valley. 
He talked about two of issues from his turn around agenda, term limits and re-districting.
But this time, he’s trying to make it happen in a different way. 
The Governor wants to get term limits on the ballot.
That way voters can decide how long lawmakers can remain in office.
He’s pushing for lawmakers to vote on a constitutional amendment in a fall veto session.
But, he’s already getting some push back from democrats.
“We need term limits to change the culture to reform our government, and we can’t let the special interest groups and the career politicians to control Springfield dictate terms for the people of Illinois.”
Governor Bruce Rauner is on tour of the state, talking about redistricting and term limits. 
He’s pushed these reforms since he got in office.
Now, he’s trying to go about it using a constitutional amendment, allowing voters to decide.
“We’re not taking on the challenges, the big challenges we have as a state. We’re not getting balanced budgets, we’re not growing our jobs, we are not getting the job done because our political system is broken. It’s not responsive to you,” said Rauner. 
Governor Rauner says legislators should only be able to serve for ten years.
And, statewide offices like his should be capped at eight years.
Democratic Representative Mike Smiddy of Port Byron is against term limits. 
“I think it’s very important for the individuals that vote, if they like their current representative that they have that ability to vote for them as many times as they want,” said Smiddy. 
But, Smiddy says he’s on board with redistricting reform. 
“Instead of politicians choosing their voters, the voters should be able to choose their legislator, and I’ve been fighting for that for a long time, and I’m actually supportive of that with the Governor,” said Smiddy. 
Rauner says says the time is now to change redistricting and how long state leaders can serve. 
“The people deserve to have their voice heard, decide for themselves whether we should have term limits or not. Get it on the ballot. Let the people of Illinois decide,” said Rauner. 
Governor Rauner says if lawmakers got on board with term limits, it would be on the ballot in 2018.
Representative Mike Smiddy says Rauner should focus on more immediate issues, like passing a full budget.

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