Harvey is blamed for at least two deaths in Texas and has forced thousands of residents in Houston to leave their homes. 

The nation’s fourth largest city is under water this morning and it’s only going to get worse. Forecasters say the slow moving Harvey has at least two more days to go.

The Coast Guard spent the last 24 hours pulling people off roofs in Houston as Harvey left many residents with no way to go but up to safety. Thousands are leaving their homes and everything behind.

Tyler Robinson was rescued from floods, “It’s all just materialistic stuff that’s always kept in your mind and it’s always going to be there so it’s good but it’s just hard.”

The stories of dramatic rescues and close calls are seemingly endless: 

Residents at La Vita Bella Assisted living facility who waited for help in waist deep water, a trucker was saved on live TV, a man realized too late exactly why officials are asking people not to drive under any circumstances. 

Nerves are frayed at many of the cities shelters, where neighbors have little else but each other.

“They’re completely soaked. I don’t even know what to say, they’re not even my kids but I tell you what I love them like they’re my own. And I don’t know them from Adam.”

Cities and towns have been left almost unrecognizable. One woman’s backyard is now home to two alligators.

Initial predictions that storm’s worst would dump around 40-inches of rain in some areas, have been scrapped. That number, now 50-inches as Harvey is poised to still rain down for at least two more days.

With countless more still in need of help, four-thousand national and state guard troops are being brought in for relief and recovery efforts.

So many people around the country are asking how they can help. In response, the mayor of Houston has set up the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund to accept tax-deductible flood relief donations. 

It’ll be run by the Greater Houston Community Foundation. For more information you can head to www.GHCF.org