Residents return to scene of the HESCO barrier breach one day later


Flooding and the damage done in downtown Davenport dominate the situation around the Quad Cities.

About 30 people had to leave their homes after yesterday’s barrier breach and it’s not clear when they’ll be able to return. 

Members of the Coast Guard boated people through the flood waters to reach their businesses, apartments and cars. Most only brought back suitcases or a couple bags worth of necessities.

Many of those people live in the Peterson Paper Company lofts. One man tells Local 4 News the first floor is still dry and he thinks it will stay that way, but he still raised some of his belongings off the ground.

There are still about a dozen cars submerged at 2nd and Pershing. 

Stephanie Millage’s car is submerged on Pershing Street, but the Coast Guard was able to boat her out to it today. She said it was filled with water and her belongings were floating around. The only thing she was able to save was her watch.

“I had no idea this would happen. I thought that when we heard the wall might be compromised that it just might splash over the top or leak or something,” Millage said. “I had no idea that the wall would fail. Otherwise I would not have parked there.”

Millage says that it is just a car and she has insurance to help her recover. She said she’s just happy everyone was able to make it out safely.

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