A man convicted of killing an East Moline teenager and helping to hide her dismembered corpse wants a hearing to see if he can get his sentence reduced.

Cory Gregory, 29, was convicted of killing Adrianne Reynolds in 2005.  Gregory and Sarah Kolb strangled Reynolds in the parking lot of a Moline Taco Bell, then later tried to cover up the murder by burning and cutting up her body.

On July 18 Gregory filed a petition for post conviction relief, meaning he wants a new hearing to determine if his constitutional rights were violated when he was sentenced in 2006.

Gregory is currently serving a 45 year sentence in the Stateville Correctional Center.  Kolb is serving a 53 year sentence in the Logan Correctional Center.

The Rock Island County State’s Attorney now has thirty days to respond to Gregory’s petition, after which it will likely proceed to a hearing that will determine if he will be appointed a lawyer.