River Music Experience facing their own challenges with flooding

Flooding seeping through the walls are RME

The flooding is showing up differently for River Music Experience on Second Street in Davenport,

While outside the building, their entrance and most of the exterior is dry from flood waters.

It’s inside where they’re trying to hold back water.

It’s been seeping in through the walls since early this week, but Tuesday is when the issue grew more critical. 

RME Executive Director Tyson Danner said, “Midday it really started pouring in, so we jumped into action. We had 40, 50 or who knows how many volunteers showing up to move our entire basement contents which is all of our office and the Bix Museum space up to our second floor.”

“Have to clean out all of the rooms down here. We’ve got office equipment, computers, all of our important records had to be moved upstairs,” said RME Office Manager Christina Boyer.

Staff is watching is the HESCO barrier on Main Street because if that breaks, it will worsen their flooding situation.

They also don’t know if the breach along Pershing added to the flooding difficulty they are facing.

But when it comes to volunteers, Danner told Local 4 News on Tuesday they had so many staff were directing them to other places nearby that needed help.

On Wednesday, Zana Swain was one of the volunteers who came to help on her day off. She told Local 4 News she was looking for places in need of assistance.

Volunteer Zana Swain said, “It’s heartbreaking, you can see over there the water is just rushing in. There’s little holes where it’s just pouring in. Been down here squeegeeing and just keep filling right back up.”

She is working there even as her own home is dealing with rising water.

Swain said, “My basement is also flooded by that’s being pumped out already so there’s nothing I can do over there, so I figured why not come somewhere I can actually help. It’s just a waiting game at home.” 

RME has staff working in the building around the clock and volunteer opportunities at all hours.

They have a signup sheet online.

They are hoping to continue with planned events later this week despite the flooding.

Danner said, “As far as we know, we’re going to be able to host our concert on Friday. We’re going to be able to host the wedding reception we have scheduled “

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