Rock Falls man is reunited with men who helped him after he slipped on ice and crawled two blocks


Larry Lempke has been looking for the two men who helped him. He’s currently suffering from torn ligaments, tendons and a broken bone on his right leg.

He says it could’ve been much worse if they wouldn’t have stepped in. Lempke and his fiancee Andrea Garcia have been waiting for the moment to reunite with the two strangers they call heroes. Today they meet for the third time

“Everybody was smiling from ear to ear grinning im looking at him and i go up that’s the guy,” says Lempke.

A week after local 4 news shared Lempke’s story, him and his fiancee received a Facebook message that answered their prayers.” We got a text from his sister in law. She said his son was the one talking about how they helped somebody in rock falls.” It gave him a chance to say something he’s been waiting to share. “Thank you for sure”, says Lempke. “You know i was gassed in the road and i was going to stay there until i either got more energy or finally someone stopped to help.”

What made these two strangers stop and help was an image that made them feel uneasy. ” We watched other cars just kind of look and keep going and i thought well better go check and see what’s going on,” says Mike Merema, one of the men who helped Larry Lempke.

That’s when Merema, a farmer, and his son Ethan saw Lempke on his back. Exhausted from crawling for two blocks. “So then we pulled down here and pulled up along side him and asked if he needed help.”

But lending a hand is a lifestyle for the two. “When you see someone that needs help help them out wether you know wether you get a thank you or not you know you helped someone out and feel good about it,” Merema shares.

 A mentality that makes Ethan look up to his dad. ” He’s a good man,” says Ethan.

A quality Andrea Garcia sees in both men.”i told Ethan and his dad mike, i said you guys are my heroes.”

From this budding friendship,  Lempke says Merema and Ethan has a special place in his heart. ” Its nice to see and refreshing that there are still good people out there that will stop and you know and help somebody and not be concerned just about themselves.”

Lemkpe has months to fully recovery  but he says meeting the two men soften his wounds just a little bit.

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