Rock Island neighbors say the new Save More grocery store will make their lives a lot easier


Accessing healthy food is now easier for a neighborhood in Rock Island. That’s after the Save More grocery store opened its doors on Wednesday.

But one neighbor has some concerns.

The finishing touches for the Save More grocery store is in the works and lots of people have been making their way through the sliding doors.

It’s good for the residents around the Rock Island area.

It’s lifted a huge burden in the community, that burden being a means of getting around.

People around here probably don’t got cars and a way of transportation. You’ve got elderly people, you know people who are handicapped and people who have a hard time getting around for them, shares local shopper Richard B.

Now, neighbors in this Rock Island community have access to healthier foods just a couple of blocks away. Resident George Barajas wasn’t on board with the new development in the beginning.

I was originally against it only because we have several liquor stores in a two or three block area, shares Barajas. Store owner Jesse Singh says they’re tackling that concern by closing both their grocery and liquor store every night at 10 p.m.

Barajas does say that the store is essential for the growth of the community.

These are vital for the neighborhood, Singh said. I live here as a matter of fact. I live two blocks from here.

He says he’d have to travel 11 blocks to get to the nearest grocery store. Now it’s just a couple feet away.

Barajas says that the store is just a sign of the new development coming to Rock Island. Things are starting to develop out here. The neighborhoods are starting to look nice and clean again.

Save More will be open seven days a week from 8 a.m to 10 p.m.

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