Rock Island offering $5 lots, but so far only one buyer


It’s been almost a year since the city launched the home ownership made easy — or home-project.

At the time, the city put up 27 vacant lots for sale for just $5 each.

Applicants had to agree to build a single-family home on the lot within six months and live in the home for a minimum of five years.

But to date, the city has only sold one of the 27 lots.

The new home is still under construction.

Today, city leaders say despite some setbacks, they’re not giving up on the idea.

“We think that the barrier of entry for people buying their own home or building their own homes sometimes is the cost of the land,” said Chandler Poole Rock Island Community and Economic Development Director. “Well if the city has these, and we are able to play a part in trying to make sure that someone can build their own house to live in, we should be doing this. So we will continue this program.”

Coming up on Local 4 News at 5, we’ll hear from the first family to buy one of those $5 lots. 

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