Rock Island Police Department fully equips officers with body cameras

Lieutenant Richard Landi and the Rock Island Police Department have taken a big technological step forward, the first of its kind in this area.
All of their officers are now equipped with body cameras. Lt. Landi says these will help paint a more accurate picture of incidents that take place.
“Under stressful circumstances, it’s difficult sometimes to remember everything, or remember it correctly,” Landi said. “That’s where the camera comes in, it helps document that information. And, we can go back and look and see what happens.”
According to Lt. Landi, this equipment will cost the police department around a half a million dollars to receive. 
But, the benefits greatly outweigh the price tag.
“Right now is a tough time, economically, for departments,” Landi said. “We were fortunate that this was a priority. We saw the benefits, and we see the future benefits of it. So, we made that investment.”

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